I am so proud to launch Casey's Roots services! This has been a LONG time coming and now all of my talents are now gathered under one roof, available to one and all through this site. I've been fortunate over my professional career to learn a lot through continuing education and certifications. So, now its my turn to share the knowledge with all of you through the lens of honest, compassionate, judgement-free one-on-one guidance. I'm currently offering:

  • breastfeeding counseling
  • personal wellness consultations + coaching
  • nutritional/weight loss support
  • babywearing classes
  • cloth diapering classes
  • baby sign language (ASL based) lessons

Check out the tab above to explore more and book your first session!

And as a bonus - ALL of these services are available free of charge to my doTerra family. Shoot me an email for the coupon code ;)



Well, I did it, I reached my healthy weight goal! For those of you wondering how I knew what weight to aim for, I based my goal on a conversation with my Dr where we talked about my lifestyle and she gave me a weight range recommendation based on my height and age and I am now right in the center of that range. But more than achieving a goal weight, I am celebrating my increase in energy, healthier eating habits, better relationship with food, lower anxiety, increased self-confidence and worth, and knowledge that I can overcome even the hardest of obstacles with some discipline, determination and a whole lot of prayer. It feels SO good to just know that I CAN do it, that it is possible to decide to make a change, follow through with small steps every day and achieve a BIG goal. And so with this chapter coming to a close, I've been inspired to start a new one - just as scary (maybe even scarier) and challenging as the first. I'm going to intentionally strengthen my body, gain flexibility, and increase my heart health by....WORKING OUT. (Whoa that word is triggering). 

I don't know about you but my relationship with my body has been on a serious roller coaster over the course of my life - I've felt everything from pride to pain, disgust, frustration, joy, appreciation, awe and even apathy and all the way back around again. But if someone ever asked me along the way if I LIKED working out the answer would always be and emphatic NO. And so, I embark on a mission to remove the internal blocks and triggers I've created over the years around the idea of working out (FYI I may just substitute that phrase for something more benign like "movement" until I can get over the cringe factor). My goal is to find movement that I enjoy, that creates health in my body, strength in my muscles, flexibility in my joints, stamina in my body and peace in my mind. 

Graciously, my sister Allie who has LOVED working out her entire life (gymnastics, cheerleading, yoga, biking, running, you name it- she's done it, probably won a medal for it and excelled at it!) is partnering with me during the month of October as my accountability partner. Our goal is to take small, daily steps to move our bodies with joy instead of dread. 

And since I've had so many friends and family ask me for advice on their own weight loss and wellness journey recently (THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out, given kind words of affirmation and encouragement, or just "liked" my posts!) Allie and I wanted to open our October wellness challenge to friends and family who could use some daily inspiration, encouragement and tips on their own journey. So naturally, we created a facebook group. We hope the group will provide you with a safe, honest space where you can be open about where you are currently, we can help you set your own goals, and you can follow along for accountability encouragement, and guidance. I will also be actively posting real, raw, and true moments about the last 5 months as well as my current challenge - because occasional social media posts just can't reflect the full truth of what it takes to make this kind of a change in your life and I know how important it is to know the full reality rather than the highlight reel.

Please leave a comment below or email if you'd like to join us! The group is perfect for anyone who wants: inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle, a daily dose of uplifting positive encouragement, exercise and meal plans/tips, a safe virtual space to join a community of people ready to make a lifestyle change.

Oh and PS....Best of all - its FREE!!!!



I recently joined a female-centered empowerment and support 5 day experience (led by one of my favorite instagrammers Mary Hyatt) and today we were challenged to write a letter to a female who inspires us. I immediately wanted to write gushing letters to about 5 different women in my life who are just incredible and the more I thought about it I realized a few things...

1. Gosh am I blessed that God has surrounded me with females who inspire encourage and empower me

2. I need to tell them this more often!  (read: I now challenge myself to do this at least monthly)

3. I can feel this way all I want to about other women but I cannot truly love them the way I want to or gain anything lasting or meaningful from my relationship with them if I do not love myself in the same way first.


and then the tears came rolling in. So today I say

- to the scared self conscious scrawny girl I was : I love and accept you for your flaws see in you now the precious innocence and wonder you viewed the world with. It didn't matter that you had no boobs or curves, that your feet grew before the rest of your body, that you had thick awkward glasses, and no sense of style - you were uniquely you and developing an incredible inward strength through some of the hardest years of your childhood, surviving the abuse and immeasurable pain of a parent suffering with addiction. You are incredible. 

- to the young woman I was.. too busy putting on a front, chasing endlessly after the approval of other people, lying to herself and everyone else because being anyone else was better than being herself... I love and forgive you. You could not see your unique gifts, your endless potential, your own kind of beauty, your priceless value. I see you now. Who you are is more than enough.

- to the overweight unhappy depressed anxious woman I was: I love honor and accept you exactly as you were. Your body is beautiful at any weight or shape - it has been the vessel for two incredible human beings. Your mind went to the depths, to the valley of shadows, you experienced death and yet you persevered through it to rise again. You are resilient.

And to my future self: thank you for loving me in all of my flawed glory as I am now. Let the grace flow as you learn to stand in and learn to embrace your true identity as a unique, capable, singular, spectacular, perfectly imperfect person.

Each of you inspire me. 



Essential for life... so ubiquitous I almost never thought about it. I grew up with refrigerator water filters and drinking bottled water. I never questioned WHY I didn't just turn on the faucet and drink from there, or why we preferred to purify our water before drinking, it was just something we did. When I got married, we registered for a water filter pitcher because - we both figured it was something we needed because our parents had it. You get the idea, I basically spent 3 decades drinking filtered water, never questioning or knowing why on earth we did that.

And then... THIS LINK (I love you EWG) came up in a few of my healthy living groups with a loaded question in the title: "Do you know what's in your water?" Other than knowing it had one hydrogen and two oxygen molecules, my knowledge was seriously lacking. So, I did what any curious/bored/breastfeeding mom would do and clicked... filled out my info... and BAM, my life changed. No seriously.

I learned so much about tap water - sourcing, pollutants, chemicals, both naturally occurring and man made. I learned about the carcinogens in MY tap water... yes, who knew that while water gives life, we've polluted it so much that it could also kill you. My gut instinct was to order the most expensive, ion recharging, ultra filtration, stainless steel system to somehow MacGyver onto our rented condo water supply (this would also simultaneously bankrupt the family, so I decided against that option).

So then, I learned a LOT about water filters and filtration systems. I discovered that, based on our Cleveland public water system and its unique contaminants we'd get rid of the largest threats by switching out our pitcher filter for a slightly more expensive faucet filter. And lemme tell ya, this mama feels GREAT about educating herself a tiny bit more on something that impacts the daily life and future of her family and making a change for the better (bonus that it didn't cost an arm and a leg!) 

Have you done research into water filtration? Any water products you love? Are there other areas besides water you think I should look into? 

Mom confession: I feel overwhelmed sometimes at all of the apparent dangers out there (pesticides, GMOs, the internet, legos on the floor in the dark, etc) so I've adopted the motto "Know better, do better." I am one person who can learn, adopt and change things at a normal pace - so I do it, when I can and I try to not worry about the rest.... until I click on that next facebook link ;)



My son starts school today! This is a really exciting day for our house. Asa LOVES his school and I love the few hours it affords me each day to collect myself, get things done, and have some sweet time with my baby girl. And every year it seems like just as the good times start rollin'... and then, the back to school joy translates to back to school germs that translate to what I like to call "back-to-school junk." You know, the one where you go to bed with a tiny tickly in your throat thinking (ahhh this is nothing) and wake up with a fire in your neck, lungs that all of a sudden need a handicap sticker and head full of mucus in a variety of shades. This year, I'm prepared - COME AT ME GERMS I'm ready for you..  Here's my plan:

  1. Reduce/eliminate processed sugar and alcohol. (as much as I want you dark almond chocolate bar and glass of wine, you are in cahoots with the sickness and that makes you my enemy)  
  2. SLEEP (earlier bed times, naps, however I can take it, I'll get it)
  3. Bone Broth - drink it hot, make it into soup, cook rice in it, whateva
  4. Garlic & Turmeric & Ginger OH My!
  5. Probiotics - THIS is hands down the best I've ever tried, we also will likely increase raw fermented foods like saurkraut, kimchi, kefir, and kombucha. Speaking of tea...
  6. Tea - all.of.the.tea (Decaf, Caf, Herbal, hot, cold, kombucha...water is good too)
  7. Using this stuff to clean my house - because even a 5th grader knows whats up - it's better than bleach at killing germs!
  8. Washing hands (flush and WASH and be on your way - sing it with me if you have kids!)
  9. Applying/Diffusing oils on the regular - these are my favorite immune boosters: on guard, frankincense, melaleuca, and oregano. Be sure to dilute on kiddos! These cover all of your bases and require minimal effort (aka - my diaper bag staple) 
  10. Relax and realize that some illnesses are inevitable, we all just do the best we can. 

Do you have any other tried and true methods for boosting your immunity naturally? I'd love to hear about them, try them out, and add them to our routine (thats right, we are full on sold on our newly adopted *mild* routine - its working great!!)



Routine is a word I've associated with rigidity, strictness, and discipline. And while none of those things are necessarily wrong or bad, I've just never associated any of those with myself (for better or worse). This summer has been so fun, yet chaotic and my brain has felt like an egg in a hot pan for the better part of three months. So as the school year approaches I've decided to adopt some more routine things into my family's life in an effort to make daily life a bit more smooth. I'm praying adding a bit of daily structure and discipline will help us ease into this new season with a bit more grace than I've had recently. So, in accordance with my new-found respect for the routine I've made a plan. I hope if you're like me and looking for a bit more stability through routine this rough outline of day-to-day life will help you create your own. Comment below with any suggestions PLEASE! And if you'll be embarking on a new routine with me, let me know and I'll pray we will both gain a semblance of calm amidst the daily storms...

Nighttime (because success comes through planning and preparation!)

  • make lunch portions from dinner leftovers
  • pick out clothes for me and both kids
  • baths/showers
  • empty/refill/organize school bag and diaper bag
  • fill living room diffuser with morning blend (I've been loving the MOTIVATE blend, or 2 drops of lemon and 2 drops of rosemary)
  • put out french press, coffee, mugs and kettle


  • turn kettle on
  • get into clothes FIRST thing (to avoid last minute battles)
  • make and eat breakfast/drink coffee
  • brush teeth/comb hair/makeup (because putting on makeup makes me feel like I'm doing big things on purpose)
  • drop Asa off at school by 8am
  • quiet time (JESUS!)
  • doterra business calls/emails/etc
  • eat lunch/feed Eden and pack Asa lunch


  • pick Asa up by 12:15 and have him eat lunch either in car or at picnic/play spot
  • afternoon activity/errands/playdates
  • home by 3pm for nap/quiet time
  • prep and cook dinner
  • fill bedroom diffusers with nighttime oils (Roman Chamomile or Serenity are our go-to!)
  • have dinner as a family (around 6:45)
  • start it all over again!