Healthy Food for Picky Eaters


As someone who's cleaned up her eating routine within the last year, I've also encountered a little bit of "push back" from family members who are not so keen to have their normal eating schedule interrupted. So I've learned to cope, coax and invite my brood of picky people along with me and here are some of my favorite methods...

1. Hide the veggies - yes, I know, not the most honest thing to do, but seriously... what you don't know can't hurt you and in this case it will actually HELP you. Some of my favorite "hidden" veggie recipes are:

  • veggie marinara sauce - diced tomato, onion, garlic, italian herbs, seasoning, celery, and steamed veg of choice - carrots, cauliflower, or any root veg on hand work really well! blended together and then served over zoodles or store bought pasta made from chickpeas, quinoa or brown rice. 
  • mac & "cheese" - you can use real cheese in this, but blend it up with some squash, carrots or cauliflower, or better yet go full vegan and try a nice cashew based sauce (you'll barely notice the difference I swear!)... again, served over a bed of store bought chickpea, quinoa or brown rice pasta - no one EVER complains!
  • smoothies - dark leafy greens blended with sweet fruit makes that medicine go down niiiice and easy (my 3 year old loves "superman juice"!)
  • Chilis and Soups - With strong flavors like classic chili or chicken noodle, you can hide almost any vegetable if its cut up small enough or looks like it blends in. I love to add carrots, parsnips, yellow peppers, cauliflower and celery to my chicken soup and chili gets red and orange peppers, carrots, tomato, beets, and any other root vegetable I've got around the kitchen. 

The moral of the story is... the smaller the veggies get, the easier they are to hide and the fewer complaints you'll hear from your picky eaters at the dinner table!

2. Build your own - this works especially well for the wheeling and dealing preschooler.  This type of dinner allows each picky eater to choose what they want to eat, and when you only put out healthy options, who cares if they end up with a plate of bare rice, avocado chunks, a couple bites of chicken and half a carrot amirite?! My fave BYO meals are:

  • Burrito bowls (or any Mexican really - nachos, tacos, etc!) Simply lay out the shells/chips/rice bowls out and let each person grab from a feast of healthy toppings like chicken, beef, sprouted tofu, lettuce, tomato, salsa, cheese, avocado/guac, onions, corn, plain yogurt, black or pinto beans... think chipotle, but at home. 
  • Asian noodle or rice bowls - I love this one because you can use basic ingredients and transform it with a variety of sauces - thai peanut, curry, terryaki, korean bbq, or just plain soy sauce! Same idea as the burrito bowls, but instead maybe grill some salmon, slice up cucumbers, shred carrot, cabbage, slice green onion, steam broccoli, scramble a few eggs, and top with the sauce of your choice.

3. Health-ify family favorites - love pizza? burger and fries? sweets? Don't stop eating them! Just make them more nutritious by switching up the ingredients.

  • Pizza - Instead of a traditional wheat crust, make or buy a cauliflower crust, add extra veggies on top, or simply use grass-fed cheese (more nutrient dense than regular) and leaner meat choices. 
  • Burger & Fries - choose grass fed beef, a veggie burger or black bean burger, pile on the veggie toppings, and find the most nutritious buns possible (lettuce "buns" are great, whole wheat, sprouted or gluten free are also great choices too!), and slice up your own potatoes to roast in the oven for a perfect side, or better yet, add in some carrot, zucchini or parsnip "fries" in with them!
  • Sweets - oh my gosh, the possibilities really are endless if you get a little bit creative... some of our favorite treats are "bliss balls" (chocolate almond butter ones are our fave because they taste like Reese's PB cups - you can recreate just about any of your fave chocolate bars this way!) and "N"ice Cream made with almonds, dates, frozen bananas and your favorite flavors. When in doubt, just blend all of your ingredients together for a nice smooth easy soup.

4. Share the experience - picky eaters love to know as much about their food as possible, and what could be more exciting than knowing, controlling, and participating in creating the food you're going to eat? This works especially well with young kids - plus it gives them exciting 1 on 1 time with their parent.   

Do you have any favorite recipes/tips/tricks for picky eaters? Leave them in the comments below! 



WORTHY adj. having or showing the qualities or abilities that merit recognition in a specified way., deserving attention, effort or respect. noun. a person notable or important in a particular sphere.

REFLECTING on 2017, writing down the achievements I was most proud of, areas of life in which I had the most growth... to name a few: I've made it through labor and delivery without pain medication, eliminated incredible amounts of financial debt, shed 55lbs of excess weight by overcoming food addiction, grown my business to become one of the top 10% of earners in doTerra, and found a new respect and appreciation for my body while learning to accept its imperfections.  But none of these shining accomplishments came without great sacrifice, effort, grit, prayer, and prioritizing. This year, I learned self worth.


  • that without trying, or doing anything, I was already worthy of being loved - just as I was at that moment in time.
  • to make temporary sacrifices in order to be free of the bondage of financial debt.
  • that food will not fulfill me or give me the relief, respite or comfort I desire.
  • I am worthy of living in a healthy body.
  • I am a capable leader with all the tools necessary to be successful in my business.
  • to push through the hard stuff (literally and figuratively), because on the other side of it is something beautiful and fully worth the effort

SHIFTING EXCUSES      One of the best things I began practicing this year was instead of making the excuse "I don't have the time/money/energy" to ________. I replaced the excuse with a phrase like "It's not worth my time/money/energy to______" or "______ is not a priority for me right now" or "I choose to not ______"  And then sat with that for a moment to see how it felt.  Changing how I framed my choices mentally - from a passive, circumstantial excuse to an active choice I was personally making- truly helped clarify my priorities. Some of the things I chose not to do this year were hard because they're "good" things - I chose not to get a gym membership because I knew that prioritizing debt elimination was in my best interest and I could exercise for free at home with my kids (truthfully, I also did not choose to do that as often as I would have liked to... this is a process people and I'm still working on it!) Others were very easy to make "I choose not to spend time with ______ person" because they had become a negative influence on my day to day life. As a born people-pleaser, letting go of people/things even if it meant they wouldn't like me as much anymore was SO freeing!

PRAYING that each of you is able to fully experience the fulfillment and joy of celebrating your worth this year. 

We all have 168 hours/week

(minus 40 hrs work & 56 hrs sleep)

and 72 hours to CHOOSE our priorities

"You will never install healthy habits if you don't believe you are worth living in a healthy, strong, vibrant body." - Ange Peters, Beautiful Life Blueprint 2018 

(this is the amazing free resource I used to do my 2017 reflections and 2018 planning!)


my 2017 health journey

After my daughter Eden was born in March last year, I knew I needed a major health re-boot. I've been on the "healthy train" for the past 10 years, but lets face it - even organic food can be unhealthy (I'm looking at you organic frozen pizza, french fries and ice cream).  I knew when I committed to this, I'd be using my oils and doTerra products to help me along the way. I had high expectations for my results but never could have imagined just how MAJORLY my life was about to transform...



What this picture doesn't show is my... 

  • huge boost in self respect
  • increased energy
  • lowered anxiety
  • better quality sleep
  • increased vitality
  • more even mood flow
  • better digestion
  • and so.much.more!

This is the Cleanse Kit I used... It covers every base you need for a TRUE gut cleanse and restoration - leading to better health in your entire body! I also added in THIS incredible essential oil blend to help curb sugar cravings

What comes in the kit?

  1. doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack - Provides essential nutrients and metabolic support
  2. Zendocrine Softgels - Supports your body's natural detoxification system
  3. Zendocrine Complex - Supports healthy cleansing and filtering of liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin. 
  4. DigestZen TerraZyme - Digestive enzyme complex that helps your body absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from the good foods you're eating while aiding in the digestion process to help reduce GI discomfort (you know... bloating, gas, cramping, etc)
  5. GX Assist - Supports a healthy digestive tract by assisting your gut and other cleansing organs to remove things like candida (yeast overgrowth) and other harmful buildup
  6. PB Assist+ - Encourages friendly bacteria growth by using an incredible double encapsulation process that involves a PREbiotic that gets the PRObiotic directly to your intestines (this two step process is essential for an effective probiotic supplement, otherwise most of the good gut flora dies in your early digestion process and never makes it to where it will be most effective!)
  7. DDR Prime Softgels - Promotes cellular health, function, and renewal. 
  8. Lemon Essential Oil - gentle system cleanser

I promise that even if this seems overwhelming right now, by committing to a regimen like this  your whole body is being taken care of!

To take it a step further, since we all need some extra encouragement and support to make big life changes... I'm going to create a Facebook group for everyone doing the cleanse - so we are all in it together (there are over 500 people already there!!) You will get a day by day plan and tons of support and education. We will get started on January 15th! 


  1. Click on 'Get Oils Now' in the toolbar on the right side of this page
  2. Click the 'Join and Save' tab 
  3. Fill out your info
  4. Choose Clean and Renew kit
  5. Let me know as soon as you join so I can add you to the Facebook group!

No matter what your goals, intentions and resolutions are for the 2018 - I wish you an incredible year and hope you'll allow me the honor to come along side you to support, encourage and cheer you on to better health this year!

Conquer the Cold


Changing weather got your throat feeling a little scratchy?

Heres what I do as soon as winter sickness symptoms appear...

1. Take an on Guard Plus soft-gel every 3-4 hours

2. Diffuse some Breathe, on Guard or other immune-boosting blends

3. Carry around On Guard throat drops for discomfort, annoying tickles in the throat and an extra layer of protection in "germy" situations like grocery stores or waiting rooms

4. Drink all the tea (water is good too, of course) - i like to mix it up with herbal teas and raw ingredients like ginger, garlic and lemon in hot water - always served with raw local honey.

5.  Ditch the processed sugar and inflammatory foods (dairy, refined grain, fried food, artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners, saturated fats, etc) to make sure my body only has to focus on fighting one thing at a time. 

6. Make a throat spray. This spray can bring relief from irritating drainage or dryness:

Spray Recipe-------

8 drops On Guard

8 drops Lemon

1 drop Clove

4 drops Peppermint

1 drop Oregano

2 drops Frankincense

Fill the rest of the 1 oz. glass spray bottle with water. Shake and Use 3-5 sprays at a time as needed. 

Shining a light on S.A.D.



Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Winter Blues.

Gloomy Greys.

You know, the emotional funk that comes with the change of season.

I’ve battled it for most of my adult life and have found a few awesome, effective natural ways to beat the blues that work well for me.

- SAD light: sunlight simulation does wonders for your mood! do your research and invest in a good one, they’re worth every cent!

- movement: even if it’s just a set of jumping jacks in the morning to get the blood flowing, body movement triggers happy hormones that keep the pep in your step

- nutrition: this time of year i want to curl up and eat an entire bag of chips with a side of wine but what my body really needs is more nutrient dense foods so i turn to hearty soups, warm tea, and nourishing broths. As always i keep my vitamins close by!

- getting out of the house: social interaction, even if it means seeing people at the store, library or museum, always gets me feeling connected again. I love to plan special play dates and meals with friends during colder seasons a few weeks in advance so i always know I’ll have something going on.

- oils: i always start the day with a citrus oil - my favorite is bergamot since it reduces my anxious feelings but i also love to mix it up with citrus bliss, grapefruit, wild orange or lime. Mints pair really well with citrus so I’ll usually throw in peppermint or spearmint in the diffuser too but my fave by far is the Motivate blend from the emotional line- true to its name, I’m always more likely to get myself in gear with this smell filling the house - hygge: if you haven’t heard of this Scandinavian tradition of creating the coziest environment possible to embrace the indoor lifestyle of winter, google it. Even the images of soft blankets, warm slippers, and roaring fireplaces calm me down and help me to embrace the gift of shelter from the cold.  


Do you experience SAD? What are your favorite ways to beat the winter blues?

Teething Blend




Eden JUST popped her first tooth!!!! (She’s been working hard on it for a while 💪🏻) since this is the first many coming in the next few years, we decided to make a fresh batch of this special teething blend - diluted for safety and super gentle. One swipe along her bottom jaw and she’s MUCH more content, plus we avoid the toxins in OTC pain relievers! Here’s the recipe:



💧💧 Roman Chamomile

💧 Frankincense

💧 Copaiba

💧 Melissa

3-5 tbsp fractionated coconut oil



Split mixture into roller bottles to carry with you everywhere! (Changing table, diaper bag, night stand, etc!)

Homemade Applesauce


I love making this easy recipe during peak apple season - the flavor of freshness can’t be beat! Making this yourself also ensures you’ll avoid any preservatives added sugars owns chemicals found in many store bought versions :)

Easy-Peasy HomeMade Applesauce

🍎 🍏 🍎 🍏 🍎 🍏

6-8 medium apples

1/4c water

1 drop cinnamon EO

🍎 🍏 🍎 🍏 🍎 🍏

1. Peel and chop apples

2. Put chopped apples and water in a slow cooker on high for 2-4 hours, an instant pot for 5 min, or stovetop for 45min-1 hour on medium heat.

3. Add cinnamon EO when done and enjoy hot or cold!



I am so proud to launch Casey's Roots services! This has been a LONG time coming and now all of my talents are now gathered under one roof, available to one and all through this site. I've been fortunate over my professional career to learn a lot through continuing education and certifications. So, now its my turn to share the knowledge with all of you through the lens of honest, compassionate, judgement-free one-on-one guidance. I'm currently offering:

  • breastfeeding counseling
  • personal wellness consultations + coaching
  • nutritional/weight loss support
  • babywearing classes
  • cloth diapering classes
  • baby sign language (ASL based) lessons

Check out the tab above to explore more and book your first session!

And as a bonus - ALL of these services are available free of charge to my doTerra family. Shoot me an email for the coupon code ;)



Well, I did it, I reached my healthy weight goal! For those of you wondering how I knew what weight to aim for, I based my goal on a conversation with my Dr where we talked about my lifestyle and she gave me a weight range recommendation based on my height and age and I am now right in the center of that range. But more than achieving a goal weight, I am celebrating my increase in energy, healthier eating habits, better relationship with food, lower anxiety, increased self-confidence and worth, and knowledge that I can overcome even the hardest of obstacles with some discipline, determination and a whole lot of prayer. It feels SO good to just know that I CAN do it, that it is possible to decide to make a change, follow through with small steps every day and achieve a BIG goal. And so with this chapter coming to a close, I've been inspired to start a new one - just as scary (maybe even scarier) and challenging as the first. I'm going to intentionally strengthen my body, gain flexibility, and increase my heart health by....WORKING OUT. (Whoa that word is triggering). 

I don't know about you but my relationship with my body has been on a serious roller coaster over the course of my life - I've felt everything from pride to pain, disgust, frustration, joy, appreciation, awe and even apathy and all the way back around again. But if someone ever asked me along the way if I LIKED working out the answer would always be and emphatic NO. And so, I embark on a mission to remove the internal blocks and triggers I've created over the years around the idea of working out (FYI I may just substitute that phrase for something more benign like "movement" until I can get over the cringe factor). My goal is to find movement that I enjoy, that creates health in my body, strength in my muscles, flexibility in my joints, stamina in my body and peace in my mind. 

Graciously, my sister Allie who has LOVED working out her entire life (gymnastics, cheerleading, yoga, biking, running, you name it- she's done it, probably won a medal for it and excelled at it!) is partnering with me during the month of October as my accountability partner. Our goal is to take small, daily steps to move our bodies with joy instead of dread. 

And since I've had so many friends and family ask me for advice on their own weight loss and wellness journey recently (THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out, given kind words of affirmation and encouragement, or just "liked" my posts!) Allie and I wanted to open our October wellness challenge to friends and family who could use some daily inspiration, encouragement and tips on their own journey. So naturally, we created a facebook group. We hope the group will provide you with a safe, honest space where you can be open about where you are currently, we can help you set your own goals, and you can follow along for accountability encouragement, and guidance. I will also be actively posting real, raw, and true moments about the last 5 months as well as my current challenge - because occasional social media posts just can't reflect the full truth of what it takes to make this kind of a change in your life and I know how important it is to know the full reality rather than the highlight reel.

Please leave a comment below or email if you'd like to join us! The group is perfect for anyone who wants: inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle, a daily dose of uplifting positive encouragement, exercise and meal plans/tips, a safe virtual space to join a community of people ready to make a lifestyle change.

Oh and PS....Best of all - its FREE!!!!



I recently joined a female-centered empowerment and support 5 day experience (led by one of my favorite instagrammers Mary Hyatt) and today we were challenged to write a letter to a female who inspires us. I immediately wanted to write gushing letters to about 5 different women in my life who are just incredible and the more I thought about it I realized a few things...

1. Gosh am I blessed that God has surrounded me with females who inspire encourage and empower me

2. I need to tell them this more often!  (read: I now challenge myself to do this at least monthly)

3. I can feel this way all I want to about other women but I cannot truly love them the way I want to or gain anything lasting or meaningful from my relationship with them if I do not love myself in the same way first.


and then the tears came rolling in. So today I say

- to the scared self conscious scrawny girl I was : I love and accept you for your flaws see in you now the precious innocence and wonder you viewed the world with. It didn't matter that you had no boobs or curves, that your feet grew before the rest of your body, that you had thick awkward glasses, and no sense of style - you were uniquely you and developing an incredible inward strength through some of the hardest years of your childhood, surviving the abuse and immeasurable pain of a parent suffering with addiction. You are incredible. 

- to the young woman I was.. too busy putting on a front, chasing endlessly after the approval of other people, lying to herself and everyone else because being anyone else was better than being herself... I love and forgive you. You could not see your unique gifts, your endless potential, your own kind of beauty, your priceless value. I see you now. Who you are is more than enough.

- to the overweight unhappy depressed anxious woman I was: I love honor and accept you exactly as you were. Your body is beautiful at any weight or shape - it has been the vessel for two incredible human beings. Your mind went to the depths, to the valley of shadows, you experienced death and yet you persevered through it to rise again. You are resilient.

And to my future self: thank you for loving me in all of my flawed glory as I am now. Let the grace flow as you learn to stand in and learn to embrace your true identity as a unique, capable, singular, spectacular, perfectly imperfect person.

Each of you inspire me. 



Essential for life... so ubiquitous I almost never thought about it. I grew up with refrigerator water filters and drinking bottled water. I never questioned WHY I didn't just turn on the faucet and drink from there, or why we preferred to purify our water before drinking, it was just something we did. When I got married, we registered for a water filter pitcher because - we both figured it was something we needed because our parents had it. You get the idea, I basically spent 3 decades drinking filtered water, never questioning or knowing why on earth we did that.

And then... THIS LINK (I love you EWG) came up in a few of my healthy living groups with a loaded question in the title: "Do you know what's in your water?" Other than knowing it had one hydrogen and two oxygen molecules, my knowledge was seriously lacking. So, I did what any curious/bored/breastfeeding mom would do and clicked... filled out my info... and BAM, my life changed. No seriously.

I learned so much about tap water - sourcing, pollutants, chemicals, both naturally occurring and man made. I learned about the carcinogens in MY tap water... yes, who knew that while water gives life, we've polluted it so much that it could also kill you. My gut instinct was to order the most expensive, ion recharging, ultra filtration, stainless steel system to somehow MacGyver onto our rented condo water supply (this would also simultaneously bankrupt the family, so I decided against that option).

So then, I learned a LOT about water filters and filtration systems. I discovered that, based on our Cleveland public water system and its unique contaminants we'd get rid of the largest threats by switching out our pitcher filter for a slightly more expensive faucet filter. And lemme tell ya, this mama feels GREAT about educating herself a tiny bit more on something that impacts the daily life and future of her family and making a change for the better (bonus that it didn't cost an arm and a leg!) 

Have you done research into water filtration? Any water products you love? Are there other areas besides water you think I should look into? 

Mom confession: I feel overwhelmed sometimes at all of the apparent dangers out there (pesticides, GMOs, the internet, legos on the floor in the dark, etc) so I've adopted the motto "Know better, do better." I am one person who can learn, adopt and change things at a normal pace - so I do it, when I can and I try to not worry about the rest.... until I click on that next facebook link ;)



My son starts school today! This is a really exciting day for our house. Asa LOVES his school and I love the few hours it affords me each day to collect myself, get things done, and have some sweet time with my baby girl. And every year it seems like just as the good times start rollin'... and then, the back to school joy translates to back to school germs that translate to what I like to call "back-to-school junk." You know, the one where you go to bed with a tiny tickly in your throat thinking (ahhh this is nothing) and wake up with a fire in your neck, lungs that all of a sudden need a handicap sticker and head full of mucus in a variety of shades. This year, I'm prepared - COME AT ME GERMS I'm ready for you..  Here's my plan:

  1. Reduce/eliminate processed sugar and alcohol. (as much as I want you dark almond chocolate bar and glass of wine, you are in cahoots with the sickness and that makes you my enemy)  
  2. SLEEP (earlier bed times, naps, however I can take it, I'll get it)
  3. Bone Broth - drink it hot, make it into soup, cook rice in it, whateva
  4. Garlic & Turmeric & Ginger OH My!
  5. Probiotics - THIS is hands down the best I've ever tried, we also will likely increase raw fermented foods like saurkraut, kimchi, kefir, and kombucha. Speaking of tea...
  6. Tea - all.of.the.tea (Decaf, Caf, Herbal, hot, cold, kombucha...water is good too)
  7. Using this stuff to clean my house - because even a 5th grader knows whats up - it's better than bleach at killing germs!
  8. Washing hands (flush and WASH and be on your way - sing it with me if you have kids!)
  9. Applying/Diffusing oils on the regular - these are my favorite immune boosters: on guard, frankincense, melaleuca, and oregano. Be sure to dilute on kiddos! These cover all of your bases and require minimal effort (aka - my diaper bag staple) 
  10. Relax and realize that some illnesses are inevitable, we all just do the best we can. 

Do you have any other tried and true methods for boosting your immunity naturally? I'd love to hear about them, try them out, and add them to our routine (thats right, we are full on sold on our newly adopted *mild* routine - its working great!!)



Routine is a word I've associated with rigidity, strictness, and discipline. And while none of those things are necessarily wrong or bad, I've just never associated any of those with myself (for better or worse). This summer has been so fun, yet chaotic and my brain has felt like an egg in a hot pan for the better part of three months. So as the school year approaches I've decided to adopt some more routine things into my family's life in an effort to make daily life a bit more smooth. I'm praying adding a bit of daily structure and discipline will help us ease into this new season with a bit more grace than I've had recently. So, in accordance with my new-found respect for the routine I've made a plan. I hope if you're like me and looking for a bit more stability through routine this rough outline of day-to-day life will help you create your own. Comment below with any suggestions PLEASE! And if you'll be embarking on a new routine with me, let me know and I'll pray we will both gain a semblance of calm amidst the daily storms...

Nighttime (because success comes through planning and preparation!)

  • make lunch portions from dinner leftovers
  • pick out clothes for me and both kids
  • baths/showers
  • empty/refill/organize school bag and diaper bag
  • fill living room diffuser with morning blend (I've been loving the MOTIVATE blend, or 2 drops of lemon and 2 drops of rosemary)
  • put out french press, coffee, mugs and kettle


  • turn kettle on
  • get into clothes FIRST thing (to avoid last minute battles)
  • make and eat breakfast/drink coffee
  • brush teeth/comb hair/makeup (because putting on makeup makes me feel like I'm doing big things on purpose)
  • drop Asa off at school by 8am
  • quiet time (JESUS!)
  • doterra business calls/emails/etc
  • eat lunch/feed Eden and pack Asa lunch


  • pick Asa up by 12:15 and have him eat lunch either in car or at picnic/play spot
  • afternoon activity/errands/playdates
  • home by 3pm for nap/quiet time
  • prep and cook dinner
  • fill bedroom diffusers with nighttime oils (Roman Chamomile or Serenity are our go-to!)
  • have dinner as a family (around 6:45)
  • start it all over again!