I am so proud to launch Casey's Roots services! This has been a LONG time coming and now all of my talents are now gathered under one roof, available to one and all through this site. I've been fortunate over my professional career to learn a lot through continuing education and certifications. So, now its my turn to share the knowledge with all of you through the lens of honest, compassionate, judgement-free one-on-one guidance. I'm currently offering:

  • breastfeeding counseling
  • personal wellness consultations + coaching
  • nutritional/weight loss support
  • babywearing classes
  • cloth diapering classes
  • baby sign language (ASL based) lessons

Check out the tab above to explore more and book your first session!

And as a bonus - ALL of these services are available free of charge to my doTerra family. Shoot me an email for the coupon code ;)