Shining a light on S.A.D.



Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Winter Blues.

Gloomy Greys.

You know, the emotional funk that comes with the change of season.

I’ve battled it for most of my adult life and have found a few awesome, effective natural ways to beat the blues that work well for me.

- SAD light: sunlight simulation does wonders for your mood! do your research and invest in a good one, they’re worth every cent!

- movement: even if it’s just a set of jumping jacks in the morning to get the blood flowing, body movement triggers happy hormones that keep the pep in your step

- nutrition: this time of year i want to curl up and eat an entire bag of chips with a side of wine but what my body really needs is more nutrient dense foods so i turn to hearty soups, warm tea, and nourishing broths. As always i keep my vitamins close by!

- getting out of the house: social interaction, even if it means seeing people at the store, library or museum, always gets me feeling connected again. I love to plan special play dates and meals with friends during colder seasons a few weeks in advance so i always know I’ll have something going on.

- oils: i always start the day with a citrus oil - my favorite is bergamot since it reduces my anxious feelings but i also love to mix it up with citrus bliss, grapefruit, wild orange or lime. Mints pair really well with citrus so I’ll usually throw in peppermint or spearmint in the diffuser too but my fave by far is the Motivate blend from the emotional line- true to its name, I’m always more likely to get myself in gear with this smell filling the house - hygge: if you haven’t heard of this Scandinavian tradition of creating the coziest environment possible to embrace the indoor lifestyle of winter, google it. Even the images of soft blankets, warm slippers, and roaring fireplaces calm me down and help me to embrace the gift of shelter from the cold.  


Do you experience SAD? What are your favorite ways to beat the winter blues?