Routine is a word I've associated with rigidity, strictness, and discipline. And while none of those things are necessarily wrong or bad, I've just never associated any of those with myself (for better or worse). This summer has been so fun, yet chaotic and my brain has felt like an egg in a hot pan for the better part of three months. So as the school year approaches I've decided to adopt some more routine things into my family's life in an effort to make daily life a bit more smooth. I'm praying adding a bit of daily structure and discipline will help us ease into this new season with a bit more grace than I've had recently. So, in accordance with my new-found respect for the routine I've made a plan. I hope if you're like me and looking for a bit more stability through routine this rough outline of day-to-day life will help you create your own. Comment below with any suggestions PLEASE! And if you'll be embarking on a new routine with me, let me know and I'll pray we will both gain a semblance of calm amidst the daily storms...

Nighttime (because success comes through planning and preparation!)

  • make lunch portions from dinner leftovers
  • pick out clothes for me and both kids
  • baths/showers
  • empty/refill/organize school bag and diaper bag
  • fill living room diffuser with morning blend (I've been loving the MOTIVATE blend, or 2 drops of lemon and 2 drops of rosemary)
  • put out french press, coffee, mugs and kettle


  • turn kettle on
  • get into clothes FIRST thing (to avoid last minute battles)
  • make and eat breakfast/drink coffee
  • brush teeth/comb hair/makeup (because putting on makeup makes me feel like I'm doing big things on purpose)
  • drop Asa off at school by 8am
  • quiet time (JESUS!)
  • doterra business calls/emails/etc
  • eat lunch/feed Eden and pack Asa lunch


  • pick Asa up by 12:15 and have him eat lunch either in car or at picnic/play spot
  • afternoon activity/errands/playdates
  • home by 3pm for nap/quiet time
  • prep and cook dinner
  • fill bedroom diffusers with nighttime oils (Roman Chamomile or Serenity are our go-to!)
  • have dinner as a family (around 6:45)
  • start it all over again!