My son starts school today! This is a really exciting day for our house. Asa LOVES his school and I love the few hours it affords me each day to collect myself, get things done, and have some sweet time with my baby girl. And every year it seems like just as the good times start rollin'... and then, the back to school joy translates to back to school germs that translate to what I like to call "back-to-school junk." You know, the one where you go to bed with a tiny tickly in your throat thinking (ahhh this is nothing) and wake up with a fire in your neck, lungs that all of a sudden need a handicap sticker and head full of mucus in a variety of shades. This year, I'm prepared - COME AT ME GERMS I'm ready for you..  Here's my plan:

  1. Reduce/eliminate processed sugar and alcohol. (as much as I want you dark almond chocolate bar and glass of wine, you are in cahoots with the sickness and that makes you my enemy)  
  2. SLEEP (earlier bed times, naps, however I can take it, I'll get it)
  3. Bone Broth - drink it hot, make it into soup, cook rice in it, whateva
  4. Garlic & Turmeric & Ginger OH My!
  5. Probiotics - THIS is hands down the best I've ever tried, we also will likely increase raw fermented foods like saurkraut, kimchi, kefir, and kombucha. Speaking of tea...
  6. Tea - all.of.the.tea (Decaf, Caf, Herbal, hot, cold, kombucha...water is good too)
  7. Using this stuff to clean my house - because even a 5th grader knows whats up - it's better than bleach at killing germs!
  8. Washing hands (flush and WASH and be on your way - sing it with me if you have kids!)
  9. Applying/Diffusing oils on the regular - these are my favorite immune boosters: on guard, frankincense, melaleuca, and oregano. Be sure to dilute on kiddos! These cover all of your bases and require minimal effort (aka - my diaper bag staple) 
  10. Relax and realize that some illnesses are inevitable, we all just do the best we can. 

Do you have any other tried and true methods for boosting your immunity naturally? I'd love to hear about them, try them out, and add them to our routine (thats right, we are full on sold on our newly adopted *mild* routine - its working great!!)