Essential for life... so ubiquitous I almost never thought about it. I grew up with refrigerator water filters and drinking bottled water. I never questioned WHY I didn't just turn on the faucet and drink from there, or why we preferred to purify our water before drinking, it was just something we did. When I got married, we registered for a water filter pitcher because - we both figured it was something we needed because our parents had it. You get the idea, I basically spent 3 decades drinking filtered water, never questioning or knowing why on earth we did that.

And then... THIS LINK (I love you EWG) came up in a few of my healthy living groups with a loaded question in the title: "Do you know what's in your water?" Other than knowing it had one hydrogen and two oxygen molecules, my knowledge was seriously lacking. So, I did what any curious/bored/breastfeeding mom would do and clicked... filled out my info... and BAM, my life changed. No seriously.

I learned so much about tap water - sourcing, pollutants, chemicals, both naturally occurring and man made. I learned about the carcinogens in MY tap water... yes, who knew that while water gives life, we've polluted it so much that it could also kill you. My gut instinct was to order the most expensive, ion recharging, ultra filtration, stainless steel system to somehow MacGyver onto our rented condo water supply (this would also simultaneously bankrupt the family, so I decided against that option).

So then, I learned a LOT about water filters and filtration systems. I discovered that, based on our Cleveland public water system and its unique contaminants we'd get rid of the largest threats by switching out our pitcher filter for a slightly more expensive faucet filter. And lemme tell ya, this mama feels GREAT about educating herself a tiny bit more on something that impacts the daily life and future of her family and making a change for the better (bonus that it didn't cost an arm and a leg!) 

Have you done research into water filtration? Any water products you love? Are there other areas besides water you think I should look into? 

Mom confession: I feel overwhelmed sometimes at all of the apparent dangers out there (pesticides, GMOs, the internet, legos on the floor in the dark, etc) so I've adopted the motto "Know better, do better." I am one person who can learn, adopt and change things at a normal pace - so I do it, when I can and I try to not worry about the rest.... until I click on that next facebook link ;)