Well, I did it, I reached my healthy weight goal! For those of you wondering how I knew what weight to aim for, I based my goal on a conversation with my Dr where we talked about my lifestyle and she gave me a weight range recommendation based on my height and age and I am now right in the center of that range. But more than achieving a goal weight, I am celebrating my increase in energy, healthier eating habits, better relationship with food, lower anxiety, increased self-confidence and worth, and knowledge that I can overcome even the hardest of obstacles with some discipline, determination and a whole lot of prayer. It feels SO good to just know that I CAN do it, that it is possible to decide to make a change, follow through with small steps every day and achieve a BIG goal. And so with this chapter coming to a close, I've been inspired to start a new one - just as scary (maybe even scarier) and challenging as the first. I'm going to intentionally strengthen my body, gain flexibility, and increase my heart health by....WORKING OUT. (Whoa that word is triggering). 

I don't know about you but my relationship with my body has been on a serious roller coaster over the course of my life - I've felt everything from pride to pain, disgust, frustration, joy, appreciation, awe and even apathy and all the way back around again. But if someone ever asked me along the way if I LIKED working out the answer would always be and emphatic NO. And so, I embark on a mission to remove the internal blocks and triggers I've created over the years around the idea of working out (FYI I may just substitute that phrase for something more benign like "movement" until I can get over the cringe factor). My goal is to find movement that I enjoy, that creates health in my body, strength in my muscles, flexibility in my joints, stamina in my body and peace in my mind. 

Graciously, my sister Allie who has LOVED working out her entire life (gymnastics, cheerleading, yoga, biking, running, you name it- she's done it, probably won a medal for it and excelled at it!) is partnering with me during the month of October as my accountability partner. Our goal is to take small, daily steps to move our bodies with joy instead of dread. 

And since I've had so many friends and family ask me for advice on their own weight loss and wellness journey recently (THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out, given kind words of affirmation and encouragement, or just "liked" my posts!) Allie and I wanted to open our October wellness challenge to friends and family who could use some daily inspiration, encouragement and tips on their own journey. So naturally, we created a facebook group. We hope the group will provide you with a safe, honest space where you can be open about where you are currently, we can help you set your own goals, and you can follow along for accountability encouragement, and guidance. I will also be actively posting real, raw, and true moments about the last 5 months as well as my current challenge - because occasional social media posts just can't reflect the full truth of what it takes to make this kind of a change in your life and I know how important it is to know the full reality rather than the highlight reel.

Please leave a comment below or email if you'd like to join us! The group is perfect for anyone who wants: inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle, a daily dose of uplifting positive encouragement, exercise and meal plans/tips, a safe virtual space to join a community of people ready to make a lifestyle change.

Oh and PS....Best of all - its FREE!!!!