my 2017 health journey

After my daughter Eden was born in March last year, I knew I needed a major health re-boot. I've been on the "healthy train" for the past 10 years, but lets face it - even organic food can be unhealthy (I'm looking at you organic frozen pizza, french fries and ice cream).  I knew when I committed to this, I'd be using my oils and doTerra products to help me along the way. I had high expectations for my results but never could have imagined just how MAJORLY my life was about to transform...



What this picture doesn't show is my... 

  • huge boost in self respect
  • increased energy
  • lowered anxiety
  • better quality sleep
  • increased vitality
  • more even mood flow
  • better digestion
  • and so.much.more!

This is the Cleanse Kit I used... It covers every base you need for a TRUE gut cleanse and restoration - leading to better health in your entire body! I also added in THIS incredible essential oil blend to help curb sugar cravings

What comes in the kit?

  1. doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack - Provides essential nutrients and metabolic support
  2. Zendocrine Softgels - Supports your body's natural detoxification system
  3. Zendocrine Complex - Supports healthy cleansing and filtering of liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin. 
  4. DigestZen TerraZyme - Digestive enzyme complex that helps your body absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from the good foods you're eating while aiding in the digestion process to help reduce GI discomfort (you know... bloating, gas, cramping, etc)
  5. GX Assist - Supports a healthy digestive tract by assisting your gut and other cleansing organs to remove things like candida (yeast overgrowth) and other harmful buildup
  6. PB Assist+ - Encourages friendly bacteria growth by using an incredible double encapsulation process that involves a PREbiotic that gets the PRObiotic directly to your intestines (this two step process is essential for an effective probiotic supplement, otherwise most of the good gut flora dies in your early digestion process and never makes it to where it will be most effective!)
  7. DDR Prime Softgels - Promotes cellular health, function, and renewal. 
  8. Lemon Essential Oil - gentle system cleanser

I promise that even if this seems overwhelming right now, by committing to a regimen like this  your whole body is being taken care of!

To take it a step further, since we all need some extra encouragement and support to make big life changes... I'm going to create a Facebook group for everyone doing the cleanse - so we are all in it together (there are over 500 people already there!!) You will get a day by day plan and tons of support and education. We will get started on January 15th! 


  1. Click on 'Get Oils Now' in the toolbar on the right side of this page
  2. Click the 'Join and Save' tab 
  3. Fill out your info
  4. Choose Clean and Renew kit
  5. Let me know as soon as you join so I can add you to the Facebook group!

No matter what your goals, intentions and resolutions are for the 2018 - I wish you an incredible year and hope you'll allow me the honor to come along side you to support, encourage and cheer you on to better health this year!