WORTHY adj. having or showing the qualities or abilities that merit recognition in a specified way., deserving attention, effort or respect. noun. a person notable or important in a particular sphere.

REFLECTING on 2017, writing down the achievements I was most proud of, areas of life in which I had the most growth... to name a few: I've made it through labor and delivery without pain medication, eliminated incredible amounts of financial debt, shed 55lbs of excess weight by overcoming food addiction, grown my business to become one of the top 10% of earners in doTerra, and found a new respect and appreciation for my body while learning to accept its imperfections.  But none of these shining accomplishments came without great sacrifice, effort, grit, prayer, and prioritizing. This year, I learned self worth.


  • that without trying, or doing anything, I was already worthy of being loved - just as I was at that moment in time.
  • to make temporary sacrifices in order to be free of the bondage of financial debt.
  • that food will not fulfill me or give me the relief, respite or comfort I desire.
  • I am worthy of living in a healthy body.
  • I am a capable leader with all the tools necessary to be successful in my business.
  • to push through the hard stuff (literally and figuratively), because on the other side of it is something beautiful and fully worth the effort

SHIFTING EXCUSES      One of the best things I began practicing this year was instead of making the excuse "I don't have the time/money/energy" to ________. I replaced the excuse with a phrase like "It's not worth my time/money/energy to______" or "______ is not a priority for me right now" or "I choose to not ______"  And then sat with that for a moment to see how it felt.  Changing how I framed my choices mentally - from a passive, circumstantial excuse to an active choice I was personally making- truly helped clarify my priorities. Some of the things I chose not to do this year were hard because they're "good" things - I chose not to get a gym membership because I knew that prioritizing debt elimination was in my best interest and I could exercise for free at home with my kids (truthfully, I also did not choose to do that as often as I would have liked to... this is a process people and I'm still working on it!) Others were very easy to make "I choose not to spend time with ______ person" because they had become a negative influence on my day to day life. As a born people-pleaser, letting go of people/things even if it meant they wouldn't like me as much anymore was SO freeing!

PRAYING that each of you is able to fully experience the fulfillment and joy of celebrating your worth this year. 

We all have 168 hours/week

(minus 40 hrs work & 56 hrs sleep)

and 72 hours to CHOOSE our priorities

"You will never install healthy habits if you don't believe you are worth living in a healthy, strong, vibrant body." - Ange Peters, Beautiful Life Blueprint 2018 

(this is the amazing free resource I used to do my 2017 reflections and 2018 planning!)